Mairon Almeida

Mairon Almeida

29/03/1988 (Brasil / Rio de Janeiro / Rio de Janeiro)
Membro desde 16/04/2023


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Based on the story: “ The Little Winged ones In The Land Of The Absurd ”

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Presentation : I'm Mairon Almeida, plastic artist, illustrator, sculptor and children's writer based in Brazil whose paintings have already been exhibited nationally, as well as in several countries around the world, such as Italy, England, United States, France, Japan, Spain and Ireland. I describe my works as symbolizing dreams, childhood and innocence. When creating my vibrant compositions, I listen to my unconscious mind. Through my art, I invite reflection, happiness and the evocation of positive memories. I currently live in Brazil. I graduated in free courses in fine arts and specializations in children's literature, having collaborated with several publishers and publications. I create works that refer to childhood, dreams and especially literature. Focusing on naive art, I also use a lot of fauvism and some abstractionism in my works. Having had a strong influence on the works of Marc Chagall, Joan Miró and Josef Lada. I created a magical, dreamlike and fantasy-filled universe. I painted my memories, my joys. I disguised my pain with bright colors. I like to see lost people looking at my paintings. analyzing every symbol, every detail! my art is not common and I'm sure it's not easily found around! Currently my paintings and my children's stories are simply my life. Today I try to put in my art playful and fanciful elements that refer to childhood, dreams and innocence. Today I have a special affection for my collection "small winged in the land of the absurd", not only because it is my last work, but because it is a work where fantastic tales and paintings full of magic blend easily in an absurd and outside environment. of logic. In this world strange creatures, anthropomorphic beings and peculiar children come together to form a tale, a true story in paint on a canvas! Analyze each symbol, feel each brushstroke, find some memory by looking at the pictures! Be happy with the memories that shapes and colors will bring you! I hope you like what I paint as much as I like to paint!

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