27/07/1970 (Chile / Región Metropolitana / Santiago)
Membro desde 16/12/2020


Born in Santiago, Chile, in 1970, within a multicultural family and community. This strong mix and concentration of cultures is expressed through his paintings with a powerful colorand mixture of symbolic and dreamlike techniques and themes.
By profession lawyer, she never ceases to express herself through art, until it becomes her only passion and work. In her workshop in Bellavista (Santiago, Chile) she works daily, through strokes that come from her rigorous drawing and the freedom that her  life experience has given her.
Karin Helmlinger's paintings focus on the human figure, her great passion, in imagined and colorful settings. Her work leads us to the personal space of the dreams of the artist, who shares them with the observer in the understanding that art only exists in the context of love and the community of interests.
The year 2019 gives a turn to her artistic activities, moving to join the urban art collective R3SP3CT (www.r3sp3ct.cl), as a way to fully integrate into the Chilean urban art scene.
Also in 2019, she begins to explore sculpture through gres ceramics in Gres, attending the Huara-Huara Workshop.


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