Carlos Manuel Gaspar

Carlos Manuel Gaspar

19/06/1969 (Portugal / seixal / Amora)
Membro desde 17/02/2021


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My name is Carlos Manuel Fidalgo Gaspar, I was born in Lisbon on 19thJune 1969.
All my life live in Almada, place where I study and where I work. Althought the art for me is just a Hobby,a pleasure, I try to work as I can, trying several materials types and technics that I hope to improve over time.                                                                                                                         
I am a self-taught, eager to learn, someone who breathes art althought it is another area I work with, I really want to learn and do more, because only with work we can do something.
My works are marked by their difference, don't use a normal line and specifies,I like to touch the materials to cut and paste them, and in the final paint all;it gives me pleasure to get to final form with various materials and paints.
I Had already participated in several collective exhibitions.This year I participated in another collective exhibitions and I made three solo exhibitions, although it was nothing very important, for me was very positive to hear opinions and listen what people had to say.
i made several colective and individual  expositions in Portugal and in 2020 i participated in artist madrid .

best regards 
Carlos Gaspar

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