Yovanis Gonzalez

Studies Completed (2010-2012): Intermediate Technician in Physical Culture.
2018-Studies completed at the Creative Photography School of Havana (EFCH)
Yovanis González, a Talented Professional Photographer with an excellent work history 
and Curriculum. His works have been exhibited in national and international territory, 
winner of important awards, among them the First in the FineArt Category in England, 
currently nominated for Latin American Photographers. He is a one hundred percent 
Photographer with only Basic editing without the intervention of Programs, so he 
demonstrates his Technical and creative capacity in each of his Works with a total mastery 
of the Camera, Lighting and Composition, showing the World what Art truly is. of 
Photography within the Plastic Arts. His Theme, the human figure, the highest aspiration of 
every creator in painting, sculpture and photography, a highly technical work based on 
photographic study and indoor and outdoor sessions where prior study and mastery are 
required. Total Illumination, Basic factor for his compositions between penumbras and 
shadows. Due to his excellent work, Yovanis Gonzales has managed to occupy a space 
among the great photographers worldwide, being invited to personal and collective 
exhibitions for contests at this level. In each of his works, mastery and technique are 
denoted where, along with creativity, they keep all the rules and laws of photography. 
Alfredo de la C. Bravo Elías. National School of Plastic Arts and Design.

Obras de arte

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