22/10/1982 (Brasil / São Paulo / Tupã)
Membro desde 02/11/2022


Redes sociais
E-mail: espindolasouza@hotmail.com

Instagram: pastor_espindola

Facebook: WaldemirEspindola

WhatsApp: (18) 99717-9553

Hello, I'm Waldemir Espíndola, I live in Tupã São Paulo Brazil. Since I was a child I have been passionate about the arts, I believe that every human being is an artist in fact; for life itself is a great art.
I like to create works in digital format, because I argue that digital art is growing non-stop in the world.
We have to make art and live for the arts, because one day our greatest work of art, which is our own life, will be removed from this great gallery called the present life. It doesn't leave this world without leaving a trail of art for those who will still come.

Obras de arte

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