Dario Binetti

Dario Binetti

29/03/1964 (Itália / Puglia / Brindisi)
Membro desde 23/11/2023


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Dario Binetti, is a photographer born in Brindisi in 1964. He developed a passion for photography during his high school years, studying darkroom techniques, together with a strong attraction for black and white photography. In 1986 he graduated in Science of Information, at the University of Bari, and begins to further deepen the technique of developing and printing in the darkroom, continuing the photographic research on Black and White. From that moment on, that technique will become his photographic stylistic feature, which characterizes him in his jobs.
In 1992 he set up his first photographic exhibition in Bari, at the Antonelli Gallery, entitled "Vivere tra i Sassi". That photographic collection of Binetti is considered the last documentation of the territory of the Sassi of Matera, before the tourist development, which took place in the following years.
During the 1990s, he participated in numerous seminars and workshops dedicated to photography, organized by important names in international photographic culture, including Gianni Berengo Gardin, Letizia Battaglia, Ferdinando Scianna, Franco Fontana, Renè Burri, Wim Wenders, Paola Bergna , Mario Cresci and others.
At the same time, in the 1990s, he collaborated with the Italian Foundation for Photography and with the Giornale dell'Arte and participated as a speaker at a conference on photography in Turin, at the Agnelli Foundation.
At the end of the 90s, Dario Binetti began teaching photography and darkroom techniques (traditional and digital) at public and private institutions throughout Italy.
In 1997, the exhibition entitled "Racconti di Moda" was set up at the Dante Library in the center of Palermo.
From 2005, Binetti began to build the project entitled "Io E' L'altro", which is divided into four collections: "Ricerca dell'IO", "Incontro con l'IO", "L'incognita dell'altro" and “L’atro ed IO”. In 2007, a couple of years after the beginning of this demanding artistic project, Binetti received an official recognition from the Presidency of the Italian Republic, conferred on him in Casamassima, in the Province of Bari, at the headquarters of the Italian Federation of Photographic Associations.
The photographic work entitled "Io E' L'altro" was presented in the following years with numerous exhibitions, including in Bari, in 2012, at the Antonelli Gallery; in Bari at the Adriatic Gallery, in 2013 and 2015; in Manfredonia, at La Bottega Degli Apocrifi, on the occasion of the performance "Teatro Nudo", by the ResExtensa company. Subsequently, the exhibition "Io E' L'altro" was set up in 2016 at Palazzo dei Capitani, the seat of the Municipality of Ascoli Piceno; in 2019 at the headquarters of the Italian Federation of Photographic Associations, in Casamassima (BA). Within the "Teatrodanza" project, entitled The Sound Tour, by the ResExtensa Company, the Binetti exhibitions were set up in Bari, in 2016, at the DeNapoliArchitetti architecture studio; in Rome, again in 2016, at the Galleria Spazio Veneziano and culminating in October 2021, with a solo exhibition in the City of London, inside the Bargehouse Gallery, located in the Oxo Tower. In 2023 he presents the new collection entitled "The spirit of places" in the exhibition in Venice, at the Giacomo Casanova Foundation, in Palazzo Zaguri.

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