Xavier Vs

The real name of this artist has not yet been revealed because he wanted to keep it. He was born in the city of the scorching sun and urbanly complicated Rio de Janeiro on November 14, 1980. I met him personally is a charming young man with light brown skin from the strong sun, dark brown eyes and about 1.70 in height. Well for my conviviality with him is not very friendly, I do not know why maybe it's because of his lifestyle, okay, I'm not here to judge him because I am The art of Xavier vs. is autobiography a particular confessionary specimen where he demonstrates his feelings through his art. Needing something that brings him emotional comfort began to draw sharply and brutally because his technique aims to appear on paper a texture not high reliefs on the paper but give if to perceive a force an aggressiveness an anger in his hands when drawing with fast movements b punched with the wax sticks because that's his techniques of illustrations ... and with everything he managed to keep himself in line and show what he wanted in the role ... I can not explain more just watch this artist out of Xavier vs. E series all his illustrations are on A3 paper and A4 paper and chalk wax.

Obras de arte

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