Walking with a free soul

Autor: LudIArt.digital

Cadastrado em 06/09/2023

ETH 5,0000

Data: 2023
Tipo de obra: NFT
Técnica: Digital art, illustration and design style, colorful, artistic.
URL do NFT: https://opensea.io/collection/walking-in-love
Dimensões: A 1,11 x L 0,84
Localização: opensea.io
Cor primária: colorfful
Cor secundária: colorful
In the 'Walking with a Free Soul' collection, I present 7 works that capture the essence of love in its purest expression. Through the serene figure of a young woman, wandering through flowering fields with a bright smile, I convey the idea that love is a constant practice and an inner journey. The vibrant colors and lush landscape reflect the beauty that radiates from the inside out when we surrender to the exercise of true love. Each brushstroke is a testament to love that does not become pretentious, does not hold grudges, and manifests itself with authenticity. The girl with a free soul personifies the love that blooms in the midst of nature and, like the flowers that surround her, she represents authenticity and gratitude for life. Each work is an invitation to everyone to sincerely practice love, finding fullness in each step of this journey, just like the girl who walks with her soul free among the flowering meadows.

Fotos da obra

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