Richard Lucian

Richard Lucian

17/07/1992 (Brasil / São Paulo / Araçatuba)


Digital Artist, Writer, NFT Creator, Screenwriter, Writer and Designer. In addition to studying Anthropology and being a specialist in several areas, since I was 7 years old I have always had something special that I can call "honor". Descendant of knights, artists and etc... the artistic vein runs in me. For some time now I have been an artist recognized for my works shown at the UrbanArts gallery. And at my LucianArts stores on Zazzle. I can say that it was a pleasure for me to write books from romance to post-apocalyptic and superpowers... Lion Gael, which is one of the many works I created, shows and reflects very well my evolution both in writing and in scene direction and framework. At the moment I am creating new works of art and new designers. If you want a work of art, or something like that, it's better to ask for it through the Zazzle chat, remembering that I can respond within three days.

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