Hambre de Piel: Esposas III (Fome de Pele: Algemas III)

Autor: Helio Vianna

Cadastrado em 10/05/2022

ETH 0,4500

Data: 2020
Tipo de obra: NFT
Técnica: Arte digital
URL do NFT: https://mintable.app/m/item/m/uwJoi-A9PWPZ2US
Dimensões: Localização: Cidade do México
Cor primária: Cor secundária: Descrição: "Hambre de Piel"[Skin Hunger] is a self-referential project that addresses my intimacy. It is relevant at a thematic level in how it addresses violence, encounters and desire, and how these human acts are linked to the digital. In 2018 I had my privacy violated, due to the massive transmission of images of my sexual intimacy (not all of them recorded with my knowledge). The confinement started in 2020 brought me more emotional triggers. I lived alone and spent 110 days without any face-to-face, physical human contact, and with that a deep depression gripped me. Metaphorically, not feeling a touch made me feel in doubt as to my identity and also metaphorically without physical form, once all my relationships had gone virtual. I discovered that Medicine has a name for this type of pathology: “skin hunger”, a neurological phenomenon caused by a lack of touch. According to neurologists, our skin is responsible for making us feel good when we are touched in an affectionate way. I wondered if I was still human, touchable, if I wasn't losing my shape, I didn't want to see myself in the mirror anymore because I didn't recognize my own figure/image. So, I decided to review again the photo and video material that caused me shame and I made the decision to turn my own “self-figurative” into “self-abstract”. Abstract the personal problem through artistic abstraction, with the tools that virtuality allowed me to execute. Most of the digital art remains in a formalist matter and not situated from the body and the experience. In these works there is a little explored issue that is the thematic presence, generally neglected by the technique. I think it is very pertinent as the digital allows us other types of contacts in which "the flesh continues to pulsate". In terms of themes, this project is in tune with the current context (not only artistic, but also civilizational), allowing discussions such as the virtualization of human relations and art, through automation, and legislative updates themselves, such as the recent approval in Mexico and in Brazil of Laws that criminalize “slut-shaming” and unconsented leak of nudes and sex-tapes. The circulation of inappropriate images is within the pattern of contemporary discussions. The title of each work, in some way, suggestively directs the reading of the image, as a poetic evocation from a digital medium. There is something about the bawdy, the glamorous and the public/private that makes it strong. In “Hambre de Piel: Motel”, the title exudes an energy like dawn, of sleaze and of the secrecy of the deep web that is not so easy to achieve within the digital world.

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